• 01 Apr Call for evidence – new research on how HE institutions stimulate progression to postgraduate study

    CRAC is leading a research team in a project for the Higher Education Academy which is trying to understand why higher proportions of those graduating from certain HE institutions progress into postgraduate study than from others, even accounting for disciplinary and cohort differences.

  • 12 Feb Call for participation: new research on outward mobility of students

    CRAC is seeking assistance from UK HE institutions as part of research for the HE International Unit and British Council into student perspectives on outward mobility.

  • 28 Nov Indi Seehra becomes new Chair of the CRAC Board of Trustees

    CRAC, the Careers Research & Advisory Centre Ltd, announces that Indi Seehra, Director of Human Resources at the London School of Economics and Political Science, will take over as Chair of the CRAC Board of Trustees with immediate effect.

  • 28 Nov CRAC report highlights growth and value of transnational education (TNE) by higher education providers

    New research by CRAC for the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills reveals new insights into the extent, range and value of higher education programmes that are delivered overseas through TNE (transnational education)

  • 08 Oct Call for evidence: Employability initiatives within TNE programmes

    CRAC is seeking examples from UK universities of innovative or effective support for employability development in their TNE (transnational education) programmes

  • 21 May Research on TNE

    The first phase of CRAC's research for BIS is nearing completion. This has included a census of TNE activities by UK HE institutions, and in-depth case studies of selected programmes.

  • 21 May Research on PGR Recruitment

    CRAC, Vitae and the University of Derby have completed a project for HEFCE investigating the recruitment, selection and deployment of postgraduate researchers in English HEIs.

  • 19 May Vitae and Naturejobs have launched ‘What do research staff do next?’

    This survey will provide a valuable career development advice to researchers and will be a source of easily accessible and current data on doctoral graduates’ career paths as a motivator for doctoral researchers to prepare for life after their graduation.

  • 17 Jan Research on PGR recruitment for HEFCE now underway

    CRAC and Vitae, supported by the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby, are commencing research for HEFCE.to build a picture, from an HE institutional perspective, of the market for prospective postgraduate research (PGR) students in England, how they are recruited and selected, and their role in the HE research base.

  • 17 Jan Research on TNE - Fieldwork is now running

    BIS has commissioned CRAC (the Careers Research & Advisory Centre) and its team of specialist partners/consultants[1] to improve our understanding of the landscape of TNE operations by UK HE institutions. A key focus is to assess the value of different TNE modes, in economic terms as well as the wider and indirect benefits that accrue to UK HE institutions and the UK as a nation. The research project has been running since October 2013 and aims to understand, identify and define the full range of substantive modes of TNE delivery by UK institutions, in a sufficiently consistent manner to enable quantitative estimations. To take part in our census of all UK HE institutions' TNE activities, led by Steve Woodfield at Kingston University, which will augment existing HESA[2] data collection, please contact Robin Mellors-Bourne at CRAC. This takes place in January and February 2014.