CRAC’s programme of research is integral to achieving our core purpose, to support and promote active career learning and management. We aim to provide research and intelligence to inspire and assist all those who support the career development of people at all ages.

We devise and implement career-, education- and employment-related research for a wide range of external clients, including Government departments, education agencies and other public sector bodies, professional and employer organisations, and individual education providers and employers. We have a particularly deep and extensive knowledge in relation to the career-related decisions, pathways and impact of students, graduates and postgraduates in higher education.

We have in-house experience of designing and deploying primary research through quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods at a range of scales, from online surveys with over 10,000 respondents to small-scale, in-depth studies. These engage young people, students, graduates and postgraduates and other adults, in employment and elsewhere. We also undertake desk research and knowledge reviews, other secondary research, evaluations and policy reviews and recommendations.