Adrian Alexander Bridgewater – 1936 – 2023


It is with sadness that we learned that Adrian Bridgewater, Co-Founder of the Careers Research and Advisory Centre, (CRAC), died on 5 December 2023.

CRAC was set up by Adrian and Professor Tony Watts in 1964 to improve the quality of careers work and career support in universities, and subsequently in schools and other education settings, and to act as a link between the worlds of education and work.  Over the following years CRAC led on a wide-ranging set of innovations which connected students and employers, enhancing careers information and careers learning. Almost 60 years later, the legacy of CRAC continues through the provision of research, intelligence and innovation services for all those who support career development, as we work in partnership with government agencies, education organisations and providers and employers and professional bodies.

Adrian kept in contact with CRAC until the end of his life, following its direction, evolution and achievements with keen interest. CRAC is testament to his life’s work and passion. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Adrian Alexander Bridgewater – 1936 – 2023