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Research into performing arts graduates’ careers


We are working with the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (CDD) to undertake research with graduates from its constituent Schools.

Together we want to understand more about the career paths that these graduates take and develop a range of measures that reflect how these graduates perceive satisfaction and/or a good career that follows training in one of these world-renowned performing arts institutions. This will help the institutions demonstrate the role they play in developing talent and the artforms concerned but also value from the breadth of contributions of their graduates. 

The research includes an online survey of alumni from the six Schools below. If you are one of those alumni, the survey asks about your current employment and other activities and your perceptions of the impact of training at the School you attended. To take part, please use one of the following links to the appropriate survey.

If you attended more than one of these schools, please respond in relation to your undergraduate degree/course.

Your results will be combined in a research report on an anonymised basis – individuals will not be identifiable. Your responses to survey questions will not be shared with your School, so you can respond openly.

In the survey you will be invited to give your consent to participating in the research and whether the CDD can hold and re-use your results for the purpose of further career tracking in future. You will also be asked specifically about whether you are willing for your contact details to be stored and re-used by the CDD and by your School as one of its graduates. More information about storage and processing of your data is available in our Data Privacy Notice.  

We are running an attractive free prize draw for participants in the survey, for which the Terms & Conditions are also available.

Research into performing arts graduates’ careers